Marion's Line Dance instruction

Line Dance Instruction too!

As part of a Cactus Jack concert, Marion gives some Line Dance instruction to a group of very enthusiastic ladies! ( They were really into it! )

Article posted: 24/07/2007

New Albums Planned

Cactus Jack's third album is being recorded in May this year at an Ashtead (Surrey) Recording Studio. This will be a series of cover songs from some of our favourites used in our set.

Following that we'll be recording a fourth album of our own material.

Both country rock albums will be available for sale from our website and at our gigs.

Article posted: 03/05/2006

Cactus Jack band

Retirement Party

Cactus Jack's brand of country rock music goes down well with all ages, and especially so at a recent Retirement Party in London.

Article posted: 01/05/2006

Cactus Jack in Berlin

Country Music Messe - Berlin

In early February, the band performed at the Ninth International Country Music Messe (festival) in Berlin. It's nigh on become an annual thing for us and there's always a great party atmosphere there. Not only is it a chance to perform but also to meet and mingle with all the country music fans as well as the other bands. We treat it seriously, but at the same time it's pretty much a little holiday for us.

Article posted: 25/04/2006

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