Clive Read - lead guitar

Clive - Cactus Jack band's lead guitarist
My folks started me on guitar at the early age of four, so experience I have!  I've studied a variety of musical styles - rock, reggae, funk, soul, blues, classical, pop, a little jazz fusion, and country rock music.  In 1989 I turned professional.  Since then I've played in pubs, clubs, at weddings, biker treffins, private functions, parties and corporate events.  I'm used to playing at all sorts of venues too - hotels, festivals Western Villages, theatres, and even on boats and trucks!

Depping is a good way to meet new people so I did this many times while playing in duos, as a solo performer, and with three, four and five piece bands.  I've also enjoyed working with so many different musicians.

Clive - Cactus Jack band's lead guitar Dick and I have worked together before on projects a few times, and I met Andy in 2000 when I joined Kane & Co.  I met Marion during a live radio session in Cottbus, Germany, and soon after that Cactus Jack started touring.

We wrote a lot of original songs for the album 'Ain't Nothing Like Pressure', and we had to write them fast - guess how we thought of the name for the album..............

I'm really enjoying the challenge of playing and performing a lot of the great material that country rock music has to offer.

P.S. My name is Clive - I'm the baby in the band but my face looks lived in doesn't it?  Check out that nose.  How many chins can you see?  Soooooo good looking...........