Cactus Jack Discography

To give you a feel for our style of country music, here are a few of our albums complete with samples for you to download.

Cactus Jack's 1st country music album - Ain't nothin' like Pressure

. . . ain't nothin like Pressure

This is a bunch of songs written by Steve Simpson, Clive Read and Damon Sawyer and recorded at Park Studio in Bracknell, Berkshire (2001):
Line up: Simon Houlihan, Marion Freier, Ron McAllister

Cactus Jack band's 2nd country music album - Cruise-In


We decided to record this album of covers, chosen from those in our set, whilst on tour in Germany somewhere between slam-dunkin' at Pullman Zwei in the Hartz and the rattlesnake Saloon in Munich (recorded Park Studio, Bracknell, Berkshire 2001):
Line up: Steve Simpson, Clive Read, Andy Iddiols, Damon Sawyer with guest Marion Freier